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        Contact person:Cathy Liu

        Address:Zhengshang Road,Xushui Machining Processing Distric,Zhengzhou,Henan Province,China

        Wood Handle Machine

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        Wood Broom Handle Machine

        The wood broom handle machine is used to make round wood stick from wood of irregular shape. 
        The raw material can be round wood or square wood.
        The produced wood round stick can be used as shovel or hoe handle, mop and broom handle,
        clothes hanger, furniture decoration, staircase handrails, or other wood tools for interior decorations,
        as well as fence, or even sports equipment.


        Features of Wood Broom Handle Machine
        1. The wood broom handle machine has polishing function, so the finished round wood stick
        has a very smooth surface and not need to be reprocessed.
        2. The wood broom handle machine work with high efficiency, and we can also design it to
        produce more round sticks at one time according to customer's need

        Specification of Wood Broom Handle Machine
        Model AIX-9050 AIX-9060
        Wood stick diameter 15-50mm 15-60mm
        Wood stick length ≥0.3m ≥0.3m
        Power 3+0.75kw 3+0.75kw
        Capacity 4m/min 4m/min
        Blade number 2pcs 2pcs
        Dimension 0.75*0.55*0.96m 0.75*0.55*0.96m
        Weight 320kg 320kg