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        Contact person:Cathy Liu

        Address:Zhengshang Road,Xushui Machining Processing Distric,Zhengzhou,Henan Province,China

        Wood Pallet Press Machine

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        Automatic Wood Block Cutting Machine

        The wood block cutting machine is used to cut the pallet block bar into blocks in pieces as pallet foot. 
        The wood block cutter allow max block bar length 1300mm.

        The automatic wood block cutting machine/wood block cutter consists of conveying mechanism, 
        cutting mechanism and split mechanism.


        Features of Wood Block Cutting Machine
        1. Easy operation needs one worker
        2. It can cut 2500pcs per hour
        3. cross-section is completely vertical, reducing cutting waste.
        4. It can set cutting length by inputting number, needing no manual labor.
        5. Saving production cost

        Specification of Wood Block Cuttier Machine
        Power 5.5kw
        Capacity 1800-2000pcs/h
        Dimension 1.5*1.1*1.2m
        Weight 300kg