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        Contact person:Cathy Liu

        Address:Zhengshang Road,Xushui Machining Processing Distric,Zhengzhou,Henan Province,China

        Wood Pallet Press Machine

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        Double Head Wood Shaving Block Press Machine

        The wood shaving block press machine takes use of waste wood chips, wood shavings as
        raw material, through drying process and mixing with glue to form wood pallet feet. 
        The wood block can be with or without hole in center.


        Introduction of Wood Block Production line: 
        Generally, a complete production line includes four sets wood shaving block press machine,
        one set grinder and dryer, and one set glue mixing machine. 

        worker disposition:  4-5 person/shift
        2-3 workers are needed for sorting, drying raw material and mixing glue. 
        2 workers are needed for overseeing the working of wood shaving block press machine.
        (one person is able to look at two machine).

        Specification of Double Head Wood Shaving Block Press Machine
        Model Power Capacity Size Weight
        75*75 12kw 2-4m3/24h 4.8*0.58*1.42m 1050kg
        80*80 12kw 3-4m3/24h 4.8*0.58*1.42m 1100kg
        80*90 15kw 3-5m3/24h 4.8*0.58*1.42m 1150kg
        90*90 15kw 3-5m3/24h 4.8*0.58*1.42m 1200kg
        100*100 16kw 3-5m3/24h 4.8*0.58*1.42m 1300kg
        100*120 18kw 3-5m3/24h 4.8*0.58*1.42m 1350kg
        120*120 18kw 3-5m3/24h 4.8*0.58*1.42m 1400kg
        120*140 19kw 3-5m3/24h 4.8*0.58*1.42m 1450kg
        140*145 19kw 3-5m3/24h 4.8*0.58*1.42m 1500kg