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        Contact person:Cathy Liu

        Address:Zhengshang Road,Xushui Machining Processing Distric,Zhengzhou,Henan Province,China

        Wood Pallet Press Machine

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        Glue Mixer Machine for Wood Block Making

        The glue mixer machine is used to mix glue with wood sawdust and wood shavings before
        making wood pallet block.
        Features of Glue Mixer Machine
        1.Simple operation needs only one worker.
        2.Small working area needs only 1㎡.
        3.Uniform mixing and easy to clean.
        4.Short mixing tome needs 2-3 minutes.
        5.Stable performance and low energy consumption and high capacity with 1t/h.
        6.Durable use and few failure, long use life.

        Working Principle of Glue Mixer
        The mixer machine is upright Column shape body. After feeding material to mixer, The
        blades will move and turn the material in clockwise direction upon inner wall of the barrel. 
        You can pour the glue when mixing. It will keep the material and glue floating with momentary 
        weightlessness to realize comprehensive continuous loop flip.
        Through such high-speed rotation, it achieve desired rapid evenly mixed effect.
        Specification of Glue Mixing Machine
        Power 7.5kw
        Capacity  1800kg/h
        Dimension 1.5*1.0*1.3m
        Weight 300kg